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Some of the tools and templates I use to create delightful innovations #tools

There are a few critical tools and templates I rely on to help enterprises create delightful customer solutions. Today I’ll share my #1 tool: The Persona Value Proposition template, see below:

While I always review my tools and templates as I move through the engagement, the core of the template stays the same:
1. What is the customer trying to achieve?
2. What do they wish for, and what works today, in the context of their desired goals and tasks?
3. What do they fear for, what goes wrong, what are the big uncertainties, in the context of their desired goals and tasks?
4. What are their hacks and workarounds to achieve their desired goals? (Note: This is my number one source for quickly identifying innovation opportunities. In the hacks and workarounds is where you can often find manual workarounds that can be digitized or serviced).
5. What unique insights and early solution ideas do we have after going through this template?

I use the Persona Value Proposition template throughout my work, both in starting the conversation, diving deep during sessions, and sometimes to validate solution ideas.
This is one of my favorite templates and I’d love to hear your thoughts once you experiment with it.