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Over the last year, I have designed and led a number of global strategic partnering workshops. It’s been a great learning experience and very rewarding. It has generated significant value for the partners involved. 

The outcomes delivered fall into the following buckets:

  1. Identifying significant new mutual revenue and innovation opportunities and define which to attack in the next 12 months. 
  2. New Business Model Innovation enabled through the partnership
  3. Define a mutually shared vision and build cross-organization alignment to support Board and Top-Executive support and alignment for the vision, resources, and goals
  4. Prioritize (including de-select) and drive momentum for mutual priorities, ideas, and opportunities
  5. Define short-term revenue opportunities and how to secure those using Startup and Lean principles, including 90-day actions and MVP
  6. Identify challenges and barriers to the partnership
  7. Identify ways to measure progress
  8. Accelerate traction to one or more of the initiatives, to include involving an end-customer

I’ve enjoyed these partnership engagements very much due to their significant impact, i.e. what they helped enable and accelerate with regards to new revenue and new customer experiences and innovations. With my company touching most of all major worldwide organizations, and the possible partnerships being of similar size, the impact of these engagements have been absolutely massive. 

To help other engagement managers and workshop facilitators I wanted to share a few “example recipes” that might be useful and inspirational. I’ll be posting a number of the workflows and exercises used and will possibly do some deep dives if it makes sense. 

I hope you find it useful. 

Global Strategic Partnership engagement – Case #1


  • Number of attendees: 16
  • Days the workshop lasted: 2

Workshop score by the two Executive Sponsors (“How well did it meet the stated objectives?”): 10/10

Tangible outcomes generated

  • Three tangible partnership initiatives (concepts with a business model to support) were defined and agreed to be taken forward. Actions and owners were committed.
  • Supporting POC’s defined for delivery next 6 months
  • Near-term revenue to be captured: REMOVED FOR CONFIDENTIAL REASONS
  • Strong improvement and alignment on of the partner relationships across multiple levels of each organization

Detailed workflow used to run the workshop

Let me know what you think and please contact me if you’d like to chat more about how to run such partnering engagements.