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Yesterday I was speaking with the college, someone that works in our transformation team about what is possible with Design Thinking.

“I simply want to know so I can get an understanding of the art of the possible?”

Here’s my answer to him:

Design thinking is a tool, just like any other tool in the toolbox. It’s not a silver bullet.

 It is however extremely useful across a number of elements:

* Getting alignment. A picture is worth a 1000 words and pics and drawings are often used in Design Thinking sessions.

* Getting out of the box. Done correctly Design Thinking gets you out of the box, enables you to reimagine and gain insights that are useful for the final solution.

* Provides multiple perspectives, from highly visionary to something extremely practical. In one session we are able to cover all 3 horizons of innovation (

* Quickly going from ideas to real tangible actions and outcomes.


What do my customers typically say about the Design Thinking sessions I’ve run?

Below a number of select CxO feedback quotes from my Design Thinking sessions:

    * “In 1 day we’ve been able to accomplish more than we would in 3 months”

    * “I really liked the creativity of the process. It brought new insights that are useful to our business”

    * “Great, high energy session!”


 Want to know more about Design Thinking and what it can do for you? Feel free to reach out.