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Questions for the Customer CxO in preparation for a Digital Transformation engagement and workshop

In simple terms I’d like to understand the following:

  1. What does success look like for the workshop? How will you measure success? What impact should this engagement have to your business (for my latest Brand Customer it was: “Identify 1 idea to be implemented within 18 months that can help us double the business within 5 years”)
  2. How should we scope the engagement (optimize, extend, innovate?), timing, area of focus. Why?
  3. Your vision (in the timeline they are thinking. For my Brand Customer the vision was to: “Become the world’s leading brand in our category.”
  4. What their competitive advantage is / why they will win?
    • For my latest Brand customer, their (assumed) competitive advantages were:
      • Low cost of doing business
      • Economies of scale
      • Expertise in designing and manufacturing their particular type of fashion
  1. The top strategic priorities and funded initiatives supporting the realization of the vision. By total business and by LOB
  2. What they MUST succeed with the next 12months. This tells us what’s top of mind and tactical
  3. Where they struggle in realizing this vision
  4. What current and funded initiatives they have and what ideas (incl. new business models) they would like to explore (for my Brand Customer they wanted to get an understanding of relevant emerging tech coming at them prioritized as 3d, blockchain, AI)

 Much of the above is great to bring forward during the workshop as they typically have never voiced it with one another. It also does the job of outlining why we are here and centers the workshop.

What questions do you recommend asking before engaging in a Digital Transformation engagement and workshop?