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Win the future! Avoid disruption. Essentials of Digital Transformation.

I’ve decided to start a Medium Publication (and Series) on a topic that I’m deeply passionate about, know a lot about and where I see a significant need for sharing know how, best practices and real life stories. I call the publication: Win the future! Avoid disruption.

Here is the link:

With this publication (and Series) the goal is to help enterprise leaders that want to accelerate their company’s digital journey, grow the business and avoid disruption. Is this you?

“Win the future! Avoid disruption.”, will cover base foundations in Digital Transformation. I will share the most useful principles, frameworks, and tools, lessons learned and useful insights and considerations that I am learning as I am executing Digital Transformation engagements with some of the world’s largest companies.

There is an abundance of opportunities set free by digital; Embrace it!

Are you standing still? Do you know when you will be disrupted by a startup that leverages the power of digital?

If you want to be on the winning side of the digital economy then “Win the future! Avoid disruption.” is for you.

Note that I’m experimenting with the format a bit. I’m trying out the Medium Series format. I want to make the stories and information easily accessible, offer a good consumption experience and maximize the usefulness of the content for you, the reader.

Once you read the first post I’d welcome your feedback.