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Google Glass is back. Background and its origin story.

Google Glass is returning with the Enterprise edition and it is worth taking a look back at its origins. I was privileged to be one of the first Glass Explorers and am jazzed to see it back.

Heads Up Displays (HUDs) are a very useful innovation across industry but also in the personal front.

HUDs are particularly well suited when
1. Needing 2 hands free to execute the job.
2. Accessing information while doing the job, such as instructions or status info.
3. Involving remotely located individuals for support or to support them.
Its easy to imagine the use cases for industry.

On the personal level there are a few use cases that stand out to me, most of them at the intersection of "presence in the moment" and "documenting the moment". Specific examples:

1. Playing with your kids while documenting it. This is not possible without a device like a HUD.

2. Attending an event and documenting it.

I wish Glass had had a more human interface as I would have loved the personal platform to have been available to me today.

Here is Sergey Brin on the background of Google Glass: TED Video – Why Google Glass?