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Machine Learning is making its way into everything. It is becoming embedded and a natural part of what we do. This opens up incredible opportunities across the board. AI enables augmentation and automation of existing processes. It makes doing the things we want simpler, cheaper and more convenient. Completely new dimensions become possible.
One example of Machine Learning applied where I went “wow -I love this!” is Microsoft’s latest innovation in the PowerPoint suite. Microsoft has named this innovation: PowerPoint Designer
What PowerPoint Designer does is help you make your slides look better. PPT Designer makes my job of creating a presentation for sharing simpler, easier and more convenient by:
  • – simpler: Matches the colors of your content and offers easy 1-click to select the design of your choice based on 3-5 different choices,
  • – cheaper: No need to hire graphic designers or support from MS Power Users, anyone can do it and comes as part of the product,
  • – more convenient: It integrates with PPT where it automatically modifies colors and sizing. You don’t have to change your existing workflow,
See the description from the product support page below:

PowerPoint Designer is a service that automatically generates a variety of ideas that you can choose from to make your slides look better. While you’re putting content on a slide, Designer works in the background to match that content to professionally designed layouts.


Designer integrates a photo into your slide layout with the other content already on the slide.


Designer also turns text into an easily readable SmartArt graphic.

Link to the Microsoft Office page on PowerPoint Designer

There are many other examples of Machine Learning based innovations that are stunning. Another Microsoft product that is good is the Outlook App for IOS. The PPT Designer innovation helps alleviate a frequent and fairly big pain.
I’ve used products like Haikudeck and other similar tools. The challenge with many tools is they are not well integrated.
Microsoft has innovated on this job-to-be-done before but the outcome was sub-par. This one is a winner.
I expect more AI innovation from Microsoft on this job map, including:
  • – Actual useful templates for various context. Example: The perfect pitch deck.


– Integration with research for augmenting and improving your actual message. SWAY is a product that has elements of this. Evernote has tried it with Context.


– Editing and proof-reading. AI will make it immensely better. Microsoft will likely engage their LinkedIn platform to enable support from freelancers.


– Integration with SlideShare and LinkedIn’s publishing tool to make sharing and collecting of feedback easier.


– The Microsoft Team product will likely enable additional benefits.


– Cortana integration to let you work dynamically with your presentation.
The above innovations will become embedded in the entire Office Suite and should make the experience better.
I am glad to see Microsoft becoming a customer centric innovator and look forward to seeing what’s next.