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Using Google Docs for blogging

This is a test from iPhone to see how it works to blog using this platform.

I’m testing Google docs on iPhone for blogging and it’s good.

I wanted to find a solution that’s easy to use, reliable most of all and makes it possible to blog cross platform (Mac, iPhone, iPad). Offline and easy access are key features and work well. So do image inserts, i.e. i can quickly search and insert from the web.

From my iPhone, I can search and insert pics. I can spell check if it’s like. It’s not bad at all. Considering there are told or there that will run you up to 50 dollars to download this functionality is great.

Why I like Google Docs for blogging

  • I am sure that it works. It is Google so it’s reliable and bug-free.
  • It auto saved without me having to do anything. I can depend on it.
  • It’s cross-platform and works like a charm. No need to install anything and further clutter my laptop.

Areas of improvement

One area of improvement is the publishing feature. I had to install a plugin called “Publish to WordPress” on my laptop. It saved my draft and made me able to quickly edit and complete the draft. This would not work from my iPhone but I still like the platform’s ease of use and reliability.


Considering the excellent functionality I’ll be using Google going forward for some of my posts. It seems to be a great option for me right now for creating quick posts.

What tools do you use for blogging?