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Reducing friction to increase the fizz

I go to this machine at least 3 times daily. I love that I can get exactly what I want. I usually end up getting the same drink however. After getting the same thing a few times in a row It strikes me that I’m not alone in my habit and that it’s to many clicks to get what I want. Why isn’t anyone making it easier and more convenient?

Considering the stickiness of the dispenser there is a good opportunity for Coca-Cola to do better and at the same time more opportunities to grow their brand and extended their business, be it their core or their full solution.

Here is how features in a dispenser 2.0 could look like:

– beacon integration providing me my top options as a shortcut. This could be on the interface of the dispenser UI or as a separate app. Being Coke i prefer the latter for reasons listed below.

– pre-order: order from anywhere (in the office) and when I show up it’s ready to go

– send me notifications to get hydrated. I tended to forget to drink. Those would be s nice touch.

– surprise me and make it more fun. Example: on Fridays I could choose s special mix for the day. Perhaps it’s Cinco De Mayo or other?

– enable mixing of flavors that is “a layer below”, ie mix the flavor vs the drink.

– let me share my healthy drinking habits. Compete with friends and family to consume water.

– make it a game. Create a gaming type element into the dispensing of drinks. A game might be: Lowest caloric consumption of the week or most flavors tried in a week. You might get pretty creative on this dimension.

Extending the solution further Coke has an opportunity to become a bigger and more relevant player in my life:

– integrate with lunch providers to make my life more convenient and healthy. It could suggest menu items based on my likings and i could order from the phone or the machine.

– let my dispenser iPhone app become my go to nutrition or even my health app. I trust the Coke brand and would probably be ok with them playing a role in this part of my life.

Coke has a touchpoint that is highly frequent and very committed (the activity of hydrating will not go away for me). Coke has already engineered an experience that is somewhat fun and positive. They command a brand with high trust, even though they sell sugary water.

Coke has strong potential to extend themselves and take more share of my life.

My question to you is this: Where do you stand a chance of offering your customers more benefit while getting increased share of your customer’s life. With a bit of consideration, you may find these opportunities easier to come by than you originally thought.