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I just got hooked on The Gates Notes by Bill Gates.

Bill Gates in his blog covers an aspect that no other blogger does as well as him: He is the best at covering the worlds largest problems and how to solve them using technology and innovation.
A close second is the content produced by Peter Diamandis, but my impression is that Bill is deeper in his coverage where Peter may be bringing more topics to the surface. I really love both blogs and consider them must reads.

One thing that I’ve noticed my preferred blogs have in common: They inspire new actions for me. When reading The Gates Notes I typically come away with an action to dig deeper and immerse myself a bit more in a specific topic. It’s not always something that’s directly applicable or useful. It is always inspiring.
As an example I’ve recently been inspired to read Science Fiction, specfically Seveneves by Neal Stevenson. It’s been over 30 years since my last science fiction read but I’m excited to bring this one on my next flight.

If you’re looking for global insights, nuance and understanding to the worlds largest challenges and how technology might help solve them then The Gates Notes is a great source. I hope you’ll like it.