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I am going to share the iPhone apps I have on my home screen. I hope you can use some of them in your own endeavors.

Apps in the dock

Outlook: Microsoft’s iOS version is outstanding. It allows you to quickly see both email, calendar, relevant contacts and relevant documents.

Wunderlist: My preferred personal to do list. Why I like it: The fastest and, in my opinion, the best to do solution for mobile. Beats Asana any day.

Captio: Send yourself notes super fast. I use it for notes from phone calls and if I get a random thought or idea that I have to remember. I can later go and look for the notes in my inbox.

The native phone dialer. I just switched over to Verizon instead of T-Mobile due to network connectivity needs. I am a huge fan of what T-Mobile is doing in the space: Making away with contracts, allowing for unlimited data, allowing for unlimited data in international markets (super helpful when I was traveling in Brazil  and was not able to get a local SIM-card due to a lack of me having a residency number), flat fee to call international markets, etc. etc.   Unfortunately, I’ve experienced a bit too many dropped calls so I ended up switching to Verizon. A quick tip to our core product being on par with market expectations. There is only so much your customers will find of value in your adjacent services.

The rest of my home screen

Group 1: Music, which is my collection of music and podcast apps. The group contains:

  • Ministry of Sound
  • Mixcloud
  • Audible
  • SoundCloud
  • NPR News
  • Pandora
  • UK Radios
  • RSS Radio: My preferred app for podcast. I just started using this and like it a lot.
  • Innoreader
  • Redditor
  • Rapid

Group 2: Google, which contains:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Search
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Drive
  • Google Maps
  • Google Photos: Great app and 10x better than Apple’s attempt.
  • Google Slides
  • Google Admin for Google Apps
  • Inbox by Google
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Authenticator
  • Google Wallet
  • Google Keep

Non-grouped apps

  • buddhify: I’m (still) trying to get into a more mindful state of living and hoping to be better at meditating on a daily basis. I’ve tried Headspace and others but find buddhify to be the most flexible app for my needs.
  • Compose: Quickly send and email from your default account. Open and you’re in the compose screen.
  • Kindle:
  • Slack: Love Slack! We use Slack for clients, internal projects and I sometimes use it as a quick memo pad. Example: I use the Clicky Chrome Extension to add links etc. to Slack if they are client related (vs. using Evernote).
  • Fantastical: Quickly add calendar appointments using natural voice.
  • Trello: Our team’s project management solution. Easy and simple to use with little explanation needed.
  • Dropbox: I find it easier to share documents in Dropbox than with Google Drive.
  • Evernote: I love this tool. My second brain. Loads more intelligent than me 🙂
  • WordPress: I’m trying to blog more and WP is on my home-screen for that reason. It’s more an aspiration than the reality as I find that writing a good blog post is much easier with a regular keyboard. I use it primarily to read to the WP blogs that I follow.
  • 1Password: A must have if you want to manage passwords without tearing your hair out. I’ve chosen it over other solutions as it has things like Favorites and strong integration in the iOS.
  • Skype: I use it for business and family calls, most of these are international.
  • WhatsApp: Another solution I use quite often. WhatsApp is popular for business use in Brazil. It’s been helpful to me in staying in touch with clients and I use it with family and friends also.
  • Apple Messages: The standard Messages app.
  • Camera (native iOS app): With 2 daughters I need this on my home screen.
  • App store: The app for the app store. I easily download and test 2-5 apps per day.
  • Settings: I’ve got Settings on my home screen so I can quickly turn on flight mode, select WIFI, etc. Settings is being challenged by my secret super-productivity app. See end of this post for my bonus tip.
  • Tribe and Roger: I’m going for FAST! I’m constantly looking for a faster and easier way to do things, particularly things I do often. Sending messages to my wife and keeping up with the team is one of them. I’m testing Roger and Tribe out right now and I’m still on the fence if I prefer Tribe for the video or Roger’s audio only.
  • Productive: Maintaining healthy habits is not easy. I’m testing out Productive to see if this can aid me.
  • Truly Wireless phone and voicemail apps: We use Truly Wireless as our internal phone system. Great solution by Erol and team. Check out @trulywireless if you are looking for a high audio quality, simple and price friendly phone solution.

Bonus App

I’m using Launcher to rapidly access apps such as White Noise (I’ve got 2 young children and this helps them fall asleep), Music (Quickly loading the Frozen CD for the days I take my daughter to school), 1Password, etc. Check it out.

Comments on my selection of apps for iPhone:

As you’ve noted the word “quick” appears quite often in this post. While I have different go-to programs for my  Macbook, on my iPhone I am optimizing for speed.

What are some of the mobile apps that you prefer and use frequently?