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If you are reading this you are likely an established company wanting to expand growth. You’re looking to the USA to explode growth. You want to put some eggs in the largest basket there is: The US-market.

If you’re considering the USA then consider this: It will be like when you started your business.
– You’ll need to understand who your perfect customer is
– You’ll want to understand what to sell to them
– You’ll want to know how they buy
– You’ll want to understand how to market, distribute, install and support your customers
– You’ll want to understand how to collect payment
– You’ll want to understand your competition, including “doing like  we’ve always done it”
– You’ll want to understand what you must do in the USA and at home to start building your business. Do you know what is the most important thing right to do right now?
– You’ll want to understand what type of price to charge
– You’ll want to understand how your cost structure looks like

I expect you will be surprised. Your business model will likely be different for you to succeed here.

If you want to apply Lean Business Building, then here is our advice:
1. Find out what is the most critical aspect required for you to be successful. Example: Do Americans even consume my product?
2. Focus on learning about this aspect at the lowest and fastest way possible.
3. Decide what to do next based on your learning.

Good luck!

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