in Operations and People, Year 1

A note as to finding the right Country Manager for your US-operation

Ask yourself the following:
– Who on my team has worked with me for a very long time,
– do I trust fully with a P&L of the USA and to do the best thing for the company,
– knows the ins and outs of our business,
– do i respect and can make me change my mind,
– is able to think strategically and provide input down to the tactical and operational level based on market feedback,
– knows our organization inside and out and has trust throughout = can get things done by people that do not report to him,
– is able to engage and listen to customers in a professional manner,
– is able to translate customer feedback into actionable insights for his organization (product, support, sales, implementation, pricing, etc)
– is resourceful and creative and has proven to be able to take on the hardest and toughest projects that require stamina and determination to succeed?
– is able to work well together with someone native from the USA,
– speaks and writes good English,
– has the family environment conducive to our ambitions.

Were you able to check off all the boxes? Congratulatins, you’ve found a great candidate to be your Country Manager!