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Sustainability as a competitive advantage

One of the things we preach to our international clients is that the American market is all about dollars and cents. your offering has to have a clear and easy to understand path to the bottom line for it to be successful in being sold in the USA. While this is very much still the case it is worth mentioning that other less tangible elements also can play a role. 

Recently, when responding to an RFP for one of our portfolio clients I paused and did a double-take when setting the question:

What sustainability efforts does your company have in place?

I paused simply because I rarely see such question when selling b2b software products and it had been seldom that I’ve found it specified in an RFP. 

I am unsure if there is a growing trend amongst the large US firms to demand their vendors be more oriented to sustainability although it might well be the case considering the growing demand with end-users. 

No matter, I want to encourage our international clients, particularly our European clientele, to consider making this element more visible in their communications. It’s likely a strong point and certainly will not hurt the chances of winning deals. 

What do you think? Are you seeing more companies in the USA demand a higher degree of sustainability?