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A guaranteed winning strategy for selling more and achieving success in the USA?

When you’re starting up in the USA, figuring out how to maneuvre on a day to basis and what strategies to pursue long term can be very challenging. There’s a lot of moving parts. This is why @KatapultGroup’s entire methodology, we call it Lean Business Building, is centered around focusing intently on the customer and engaging them in everything that is done, short as well as long term. We want to find out what customers want so we can help our international clients sell in the USA, and frankly, discovering and filling demand is what it’s all about.
However, even if you pursue this strategy you’ll never be able to interview ALL of the potential customers. And what about the potential customers currently not being served. And even then, how do you prioritize your roadmap, where do you put your focus? It’s not easy to achieve success in the USA! 

One way of thinking does present you with a silver bullet for stacking the deck in your favor: Focus on the fundamental truths and the things that will never change in your business. 

Customers in the USA will always want better, cheaper, faster, more convenient. Those elements will never change. 

There are fundamental truths that are specific to your business. In helping software firms sell more in the USA, we might suggest our clients focus on:
– Making the software easier to use
– Making the software easier to install and configure to get up and running
– Limiting the number of steps and the number of people needed to configure the software
– Making the full solution easier to obtain and implement. For example: If you sell software but it requires hardware, you might provide customers with a full package that includes both up front
– Lowering the investment it takes to buy and use the software
– Making your solution run faster
– etc. 

We help foreign based technology companies with everything related to selling more and growing in the USA, and supporting them with strategy, roadmap, UX, and ofcourse sales. Even though there are lots of factors involved in achieving success in the USA, it helps to consider the fundamental truths next time a choice is to be made. 

What are the fundamental truths for your business? How can you implement this line of thinking to accelerate your sales and achieve success in the USA?