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Last night @katapultgroup hosted AmCham-Brazil’s Entrepreneurship Mission to the USA. It was a phenomenal event! We welcomed the delegation of Brazilian technology enabled companies after they’d been through a day full of meetings at Georgia Tech / ATDC, Embraco and WEG, choosing to provide them an evening focused on fun, great networking and learning from people that are in the trenches of company building. The event was a great success, considering the feedback we received by both the delegation and the supporters from the community. Here is a short recap illustrating how we were able to generate such a positive outcome: 

  • An outstanding turnout and more importantly, engagement by the Founders of some of Atlanta’s most exciting startups and accelerators. Learnings related to achieving Success In The USA: The delegation heard from “moon-shot” ventures such as NeuroLaunch when to consider Atlanta for your startup, particularly in the context of Boston (which is where NeuroLaunche’s Founder has graduated). Jordan, the NeuroLaunch Founder, mentioned the low cost of doing business, the great intersection of talent in IT/Medical/Engineering, the foundations for NeuroLaunch’s business, among other elements that make Atlanta great
  • Strong turnout by Big Corporate in Atlanta, including high engagement and feedback to the local startups and the delegation. Learning related to achieving Success In The USA: Doug from Coca-Cola 
  • Many new valuable connections were facilitated: @katapultgroup made sure to make mutually beneficial introductions amongst the attendees. In addition, it seemed as if a lot of great new acquaintances were made. Learnings related to achieving Success In The USA: Business is still a person-to-person business and achieving ultimate success in the USA requires you to be present and engaged. 
  • Pragmatic and tangible take away’s: The excellent panel provided very tangible and helpful learnings in the context of “What it takes to achieve success in the USA as a foreign based company”. Learnings related to achieving Success In The USA: 
  • Coverage by local press: @Trevor from @GlobalAtlanta was kind to cover the event and moreimportantly provide some visibility to the Brazilian delegation companies. Learnings related to achieving Success In The USA: If you’re an international firm with an interest in opening up shop in the USA then Atlanta is interested in hearing your story….you have to show up though. 
  • Support from the key government/non-private organizations: @katapultgroup had ensured that we’d kept the relevant stakeholders in the loop and Atlanta has generally come together on the program, mainly through coordination by @investatlanta. We were glad to see the important organizations attend the event in the evening, including: The Atlanta Mayors Office, Invest In Atlanta and Atlanta Metro Chamber of Commerce. Learnings related to achieving Success In The USA: The USA as a country, states, counties and cities are heavily reliant on international businesses and as such you should expect support in some shape or form. The best you can do is reach out, tell them about your company and your goals and ask them for help.
  • Outstanding support from the Brazilian community in Atlanta: 5 board members of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce as well as the Vice-Consul showed up to participate and were able to provide additional nuance and insights to the delegation. @katapultgroup was happy to become acquainted with said leadership. Learnings related to achieving Success In The USA: Up your chances of engaging with your fellow countrymen and sharing with them what you have in mind so that they can tell you which things to possibly watch out for. Many times your colleagues can give you nuances that are hard to find by speaking to people of a different culture, such items include: Healthcare coverage related, Leadership and motivation in the context of your company, communication nuances such as the example of writing a holiday card correctly and without offending anyone, and more.
  • Good ROI for the sponsors: @hawcpa and @pronestor were the sponsors of the night. Both got significant exposure and were given chances to address questions related to helping the delegation in which they had expertise. Learnings related to achieving Success In The USA: Whenever you involve a third party in your activity, make sure it’s clear what’s in it for them. Generally, when nurturing and growing relationships, make sure you go the extra mile to provide value. 
  • Good fun and relaxation: After a long day of meetings the delegation seemed to really appreciate the casual and fun atmosphere. Learnings related to achieving Success In The USA: If you don’t have fun it’s not worth it. Think of entering and growing your US business as a marathon, not a sprint. 

Usually @katapultgroup is not particularly fond of delegations as we don’t believe they add much tangible value. This successful event however has made us reconsider whether we will do more such events in the future.