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@KatapultGroup buys lots of software solutions from various vendors. We leverage technology to make a difference for our clients in helping them grow and purchasing innovative software solutions is therefore something that we do frequently. We are used to a process of:
1. Signing up to trial the software, typically for 2-4 weeks
2. Becoming an actual paying customer and paying for the software, typically as a monthly subscription
3. Possibly ending the use of the solution at some point in time after we started using it. 

When it comes to ending the use of the technology or when trials convert into paying subscriptions we sometimes forget to cancel in time. We’ve had several instances when we’ve asked to get refunded previously paid bills. The typical response from American owned software vendors are to provide a full refund of unused subscriptions, even backdating a few cycles. This “money back guarantee – no questions asked” is something that we, and I would venture to say, most american companies are used to. I believe that Retail has been leading this customer centric refund and return policy, the extreme being companies such as Nordstrom whom will take back items even if they are several years old (see here:  While this is not a stated policy it is the practical implementation by Nordstrom’s staff)

We experience that our clients, many of them European owned software vendors have much stricter return and refund policies, oftentimes far less customer friendly than their US competitors. 

We strongly believe that to be successful in the USA you need to do your best to be on par with the things that matter to US customers. Refund and return policies are one of them. 

As an international software company you would do well to examine your refund and return policies to do your best to be on par with the market.