in business building

One if the most rewarding things of working with technology enabled companies that wasn’t too grow in international markets are the many solutions “on the edge of the future”. I continue to be amazed with the ingenious products that get developed and presented to us. In the last two weeks alone we’ve been exposed to a product that has proven to reduce resolution time for heavy machinery, think Catapillar trucks and wind turbines, with 20-50%; we have seen a new product for dna research that increases the ability to exponentially increase dna material for experiments with triple percentages!
While we imagine an incredible amount of potential across our clients’ products we maintain a conservative outlook for the rate of adoption that these solutions will get if not heavily supported with customer development efforts. Outside the fact that it often is better to take a step back to the customer discovery process, once you have product-market-fit you will need to completely rethink your go to market efforts.
In the USA the act of selling and marketing your product is the key to success. The act of marketing and sales are much more critical here than abroad and unfortunately many European CEO’s completely under estimate this effort.
Mr. CEO: Please remember that your product does not sell itself.