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A more accelerated way to assess the US market -Katapult Group is hosting 10 Danish companies in Atlanta in October


Katapult Group is excited to be piloting a new Growth Program aimed at companies wanting to accelerate their assessement and growth in the USA. I’ve personally been revenue responsible for over 250 US market assessment and execution projects for European and Latin American firms throughout my career and I always get fully engaged and jazzed up when I get a chance to help. I believe most firms that have a succesful solution outside the USA stand a good chance in the USA, however they need to consider their US market expansion a “new startup” instead of going in with a tight business model, value proposition and product suite. They need to act and think like a startup. They need to start with Customer Discovery.

Together with one of Katapult Group’s partners, the company UnoPeople, and the Regional Economic Development Department of the Region of Northern Denmark we are hosting 10 companies in Atlanta during Week 44. Week 44 is the week of October 26th for those not familiar. 🙂

This thesis of starting from scratch and spending time learning as much as selling is why I am particularly excited. What we will provide the firms throuhout the program is an intense approach that rapidly accelerates the assessment phase and provides the firm a solid understanding of how v.1 of their US business must look like.

The actual content of Week 44 will be for the companies to meet with possible customers and partners, accelerate their learning as to how to conduct and be successful in the USA by meeting with Katapult Group’s network of VC’s, Senior Executives in American startups and leadership of international companies that “have been there done that”and learned from it. We also plan to take them to a tour of the Georgia Tech campus, Atlanta Tech Village and other interesting places. Lastly: Part of the programme will feature a “Doing business in the USA 101” workshop that I will personally put on.

Please reach out to me if you have an interest in possibly contributing to this program or want to know more about how I can help your company accelerate its growth in the US market. You can reach me via: and on Skype at: janfsauer.